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  • Bangarang Consulting 4110 S Clear Creek Rd, Ste 102 KIlleen TX 76549 (map)

This event is for shoppers and makers. For sellers and buyers. Anyone who owns a business or shops with small business owners. Indie Killeen presents the Farmers Market Days. 

Please share this with your friends because if you're a small business and you join Indie Killeen, it's $0 to exhibit and participate. One day per month we will do a Farmer's Market type event where people can shop your small business and other small businesses. Please share this and e-mail: or call (615)506-2464 to exhibit or to become a member of Indie Killeen.

All you need is a canopy, to be a member of Indie Killeen OR to pay for a spot ($25) and to promote this farmer's market. If you're a member of Indie Killeen, $100 gets you a spot for a year, our networking events, and small business workshops.