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Our Services

Social Media Management:

Did you know you should be posting original content 70% of the time on social media, 20% should be sharing someone else’s events or content and only 10% of the time you should be selling yourself? Most people get the marketing pyramid flipped. Don’t have time to create fresh content? We’ll take that task off your hands. We will make sure you’re seen & heard.

Starting at $100.00


Sell the sizzle; not the steak. Ask some of our clients how their business has benefitted from hiring Bangarang Consulting’s marketing strategies. You can’t run at marketing your business without a plan and I’ve counseled over 1,000 entrepreneurs in the Central Texas area in the past 4 years assisting with small business sustainability. Affordable and effective. 

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Public Relations:

If marketing is king, then content runs the household. Public relations is the way your employees and customers view you and how they receive and send messages to you regarding your reputation and purchase processes. Most people don’t know how much it costs to acquire a customer and how much cheaper it is to keep them! Let us nurture your brand. 

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Bangarang Consulting does small business consulting, marketing, public relations, social media management, and financial literacy for small businesses. The small businesses of Killeen have developed a need for Indie Killeen - a small alliance that hosts mixers, networking events, pop up markets, workshops, hosts a referral program, and hosts a co-op working space.

Small Business Counseling: 

Most entrepreneurs hope that if they build it, customers will come and shop. That’s not how it works, unfortunately. When you’re so intimately involved with your business, you have a lot on the line and probably need a to-do list, objectives and guidance. That’s where we come in.

Starting at $35.00 per hour

Website Design & Maintenance: 

Every business no matter the size or kind needs a good functional website. Today prospective clients looking at your business want to be able to go online and decide if your business fits there needs. We work with each client to provide the perfect website for them!

Design starting at $250/Maintenance starting at $60 per month


For under $100, we can produce television-ready bumpers and video that can be used on social media, your website and anywhere else. We also have established partnerships with local media outlets and special pricing once these are created by us. Ask us more about this fantastic offering and our partnerships.

Starting at $80.00 per video

Power Listings & Content Syndication:

Local search engine optimization means that your flower shop, your salon, your lawn care service, your restaurant or whatever product or service you provide will get more attention than your competition. It’s powerful content marketing juice. Plug in to this service only if you’re ready to WORK. 

Starting at $800

We provide many other services to our clients, if there is something you need help with please just ask! We are confident that we can help you or refer you to the correct place.